Andy On Bill Prater’s Supercharging Business Success Podcast

by | Aug 15, 2022

PPC Pitbulls’ Founder, Andy Janaitis, sits down with Bill Prater of Supercharging Business Success podcast. In under ten minutes, Bill and Andy get to the heart of how, when, and why Google or Facebook ads may be right for your craft brand.

Bill’s unique format of asking just seven questions narrows down the wide topic of digital marketing to a few key points any business owner can put into action today. Andy’s answers help the business owner discern if digital marketing is the right way to go to scale his or her business at this stage in their journey.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Who is PPC Pitbulls’ ideal client?
  • What problem does digital marketing solve?
  • What symptoms do these business owners experience before engaging in digital marketing practices?
  • The common mistakes craft brands make while trying to solve these problems on their own.
  • One free action a business owner can take right now to start understanding if digital marketing is right for their brand.
  • Andy’s free gift for all Bill’s listeners.
  • Andy’s choice question (and answer!)

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